Our Story

Welcome, Welcome! 

We are over the moon that you landed in our space! 

Our Story

Paper Donkey has been a long time in the making, a labour of love and a result of a much overdue personal awakening.  Life has blessed us with much joy, love and happiness. However, like every other person on this planet, it has also dealt us some curve balls, that we have at times struggled to overcome.

Paper Donkey Stationery was borne from this wonderful journey of self-discovery.  Daily writing, doodling and journaling took on such an important and powerful role in our healing, that we felt perhaps we could share this positive mindset and tools to perhaps help you on your own path, whatever that may be.

Hence, the idea for Paper Donkey was created -  a site where like-minded individuals can find beautiful accessories like journals, diaries, cute pens and markers, perfect for expressing themselves and living up to their potential right NOW!

Our goals at Paper Donkey include: 

1. Sharing beautiful, unique and quirky stationery that we believe can help improve your mood, as well as your ability to work, study, organize and write (yes, even exams)!

2. Injecting a sense of lightness and fun into your life, by blending inspirational quotes, ideas and helpful life hacks, with our carefully curated pens, journals, washi tape and other awesome accessories! We want to arm you with the most gorgeous accessories to go out into the world and SPARKLE as brightly as you can!

3. Helping people "Embrace their Inner Donkey". Donkeys embody many wonderful qualities, including an amazing ability to persevere, a deep sense of loyalty, unconditional love, and even analytical thinking (did you know that donkeys can sense danger even before their owners can?). We feel lives would be greatly enriched if we begin to embrace these qualities by keeping them in the forefront and reminding ourselves of them, on a daily basis. Animals, especially our beloved donkeys, can be a beacon of light in this sometimes depressing and tumultuous world. 

 4. Starting a global conversation within our Paper Donkey Community! We want to know all about you, as well as hear what you're thinking - how you are using our products, what you like and don't like about them, how we can make your lives easier, what products you want us to carry, what your work/study space looks like and if you feel like you are thriving at your job/school or merely surviving.

Sending you warm and fuzzy vibes, and hoping you join us and ... Embrace Your Inner Donkey and Sparkle On!

Humbly at your service,

Karin and Willow

Founders of Paper Donkey