Brand Ambassadors

Become a Paper Donkey Stationery Brand Ambassador!!

Do you love stationery? Do you want to share our Mission by helping to save abandoned or abused donkeys?

If you answered Yes to the above 2 questions, you will definitely want to apply to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador for Paper Donkey Stationery!

We select a limited number of people per year: we choose new brand ambassadors about once every 3 months.

What You Need to Know:

1. Your Instagram account will need to be public, or you can create a separate account if you prefer.

2. Earn discounts and/or store credit! Who doesn't want that!

3. Brand Ambassador terms normally last for 2 months.

4. Your account may be featured on Paper Donkey Stationery's Instagram account! 

5. Some of the characteristics of an Awesome Brand Ambassador for Paper Donkey Stationery are: stationery addict, funny, kind, positive, compassionate, animal lover, fun-loving, inclusive, tolerant, creative!

6. Applicants always ask - Does it matter how many followers I have?  Our answer: Even more important than followers --> how well your account aligns with our vision and mission - spreading positivity and love for stationery, and helping voiceless animals in the process!

How Apply:

Please apply by sending an email to: with the following information by Sat. March 14th:

1. Full name and Age 

2. Instagram Account name, link to account, number of followers

3. How often do you go on Instagram per day? Per week?

4. Have you ever been an ambassador before for another company?

5. Please give a short description of the type of post/review you might create or any interesting ideas/thoughts you have.

We will review all applications and choose a limited number of creators to represent our brand, Paper Donkey Stationery.

We thank you in advance for applying! Unfortunately, we can't work with everyone that applies, but feel free to apply again in a few months. 

We will only be able to contact you if we are interested in working with you. Thanks again!!!


Karin + Willow,

Paper Donkey Stationery