Kitty Lover's Pencil Case

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How can you not be a fan of cats? They are so lovable and funny to watch. We know you will love this Cat Fan Pencil Case to hold all of your pencils, markers and such. Some people are even using these for holding makeup or sewing supplies. 

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Type: Pencil Case
Size: 19.5cm length
Material: Canvas

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Customer Reviews

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One has a flaw in a perfect eye But else is foremost :)


Product description. Track by Russia Service A. He extended protection when the detainee. Recommend product and seller.


I am quite satisfied with this piórnika, however is pare shortcomings. Cat face is pretty askew namalowana and has small brown plamkę on the nose. Regarding the szaszetkę,, inside "cat It miałam hope that will fit there at least pen, however it is definitely too shallow. IN głownej Chamber piórnika don't know what happened. Has been there pełno thread and on both sides are sewn on something zawieszek style, I have no idea what it is and what has this serve. Pozatym all is OK. Colors correspond to this pictures, a slider works as it should.


Lovely! The zip closure slides very well. I forgot... It arrived in 35 days!


Before Moscow went from 11.09 to 27.09, which is very fast. Immediately after потверджения payment, the seller sent the order and wrote an enormous thanked and track code. Pencil Case is fully consistent with the inside about 15-17 cm, many accessories not climbed, but it's not so critical. Made with high quality, in brown substrate. The Only Thing that confused-Quality Printing (tendrils left, the left ear has a small black dot), but it is expected and not upset. Seal is made of material, shaped like a leatherette, on a cross Rose smooth felt. Very happy and advise taking!: ^)